mruby 1.3.0 released

mruby 1.3.0 is released. Download mruby 1.3.0 now.

mruby 1.3.0 by the numbers

  • 1,175 commits
  • 248 issues fixed
  • 262 pull requests merged
  • 14 contributors
  • 221 changed files
  • 12,760 additions(+)
  • 3,734 deletions(-)

See the full diff.

What’s new in mruby 1.3.0

The safe navigation operator (&.)

mruby 1.3 now supports the safe navigation operator (&.) to help handle nil value returned from methods. This feature comes from Ruby 2.3.

By using the safe navigation operator, you can simply write


Instead of writing

account && account.owner && account.owner.address

Or (with ActiveSupport)


Array#dig, Hash#dig

#dig is a method to retrieve a value from JSON-like nested Array/Hash structures.

This feature also comes from Ruby 2.3.

For example:

params.dig(:account, :owner, :address)

Instead of

account = params[:account]
owner = account[:owner]


You can now “freeze” an object by using Object#freeze.

Frozen objects cannot be modified.


You can retrieve call frame information by using Kernel#caller.

Remaining Bugs

After the code-freeze of 1.3 release, following issues are filed and fixed in the master branch.

The following issues are not yet fixed as of 2017-07-04.