mruby 1.2.0 released

mruby 1.2.0 is released. Download mruby 1.2.0 now.

mruby 1.2.0 by the numbers

  • 778 commits
  • 24 contributors
  • 202 changed files
  • 3,947 additions(+)
  • 3,903 deletions(-)

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What’s new in MRuby 1.2.0

From here, you can see the outstanding changes that made this release.

Each entry is kept brief with a link to reference the associated ticket for more information.

Language changes

Core classes changes

Stdlib updates

  • Add mruby-error mrbgem for exception handling library
  • mrbtest binary extracted to mruby-test mrbgem
    • #2924 by @zzak
    • Use conf.enable_test in build_config.rb to run tests
  • Fiber.yield is now public under mruby-fiber mrbgem
  • mrbc extracted as mruby-bin-mrbc mrbgem
  • Add Hash comparison methods
  • Add String#prepend to mruby-string-ext mrbgem
  • Add String#insert to mruby-string-ext mrbgem
  • Add String#ljust to mruby-string-ext mrbgem
  • Add String#upto to mruby-string-ext mrbgem
  • Add String#setbyte and String#byteslice to mruby-string-ext mrbgem

C API updates

    • #3014 by @cremno
  • Allow specify endian in big/little and native when dumping and loading mrbc

Build system updates

  • Add :mgem option for loading gems from mgem-list
  • Allow mrblib and test directories to have subdirs.
  • Allow bintest to have subdirs
  • Able to source mrbgems using :path option
  • Add host_target and build_target param to MRuby::CrossBuild instance
    • Useful for cross-compiling native extension
    • #2857 by @hone
  • Allow customize bin install path using INSTALL_DIR environment variable
  • Docs changed to yard-mruby and extracted to website
  • Distribute MRuby’s source as a Ruby gem